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Sat Sep 16 17:16:39 EST 2000

Hi Bloxy,

   I have shown you that once you started talking nonsense, you
authorize people to talk nonsense to you. It's only fair, isn't it? Or
is it a one-way street in your world?

   I am in the middle of a legitimate dialog with intellectuals, and
interrupted by your nonsense, don't I have right to talk nonsense to
you? You deserved it.

   What do you expect? A decent conversation?

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  Bloxy's at (Bloxy's) wrote:
> In article <8q0f49$9o9$1 at>, teyh at wrote:
> >Hi Bloxy,
> >
> >   Is it you? It's nice to know that you are still around after
> >being kicked out by AOL and every other discussion groups on earth.

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