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If perception requires copies, then how is it that we
perceive the copies? Putting the world inside the
head is no explanation of perception.
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>   Paranormal experiences that transcend the perceived
>   confines of the body, such as out-of-body experiences,
>   may be seen as evidence of the existence of a "spiritual
>   body" that can exceed the confines of the physical body.
>   The following, however, provides a simple neurological
>   explanation for such paranormal experience.
>   Looking at the computer screen before you, you assume
>   the screen you're seeing is external to you. However,
>   because all that you perceive is in fact data that have
>   already entered the interior of your skull, what you
>   perceive as external is a neurologically constructed
>   model inside your brain of the real world outside your
>   brain. (graphic:
>   You never perceive the external world directly, you
>   only perceive second-hand "messages" sent via photons
>   and sound waves that have already struck your sensory
>   apparatus and sent information about the external world
>   into your brain where it was processed into the three-
>   dimensional model of the real world that you see. The
>   things that you perceive as being the genuine articles
>   "out there" are actually simulations of them inside your
>   brain. (see:
>   Amazing as it seems, this means that what you think of
>   as your body is actually a simulation body walking around
>   your brain's model of the world! So long as your internal
>   model is exact, you can interact with the real world
>   without problem. However, if and when the accuracy of
>   your internal world model is compromised, paranormal,
>   insane, or unsober experience is the result.
>   Because the perceived parameter of your body is a
>   computational construct of your brain, it can be
>   altered by abnormal brain activity. For example, the
>   neurological program that places you, the observer, in
>   one location in the model could just as well place you
>   at any other location in the model, thereby creating
>   an out-of-body experience. Or the location of your
>   consciousness could appear to expand and engulf the
>   entire world-model, resulting in a "cosmic consciousness"
>   experience. Or, inside your brain's program, experiences
>   like pain could be placed in a location outside your
>   simulated body, such as in the perceived location an
>   amputated leg used to be, resulting in a "phantom pain"
>   apparently outside your body. In each example, only the
>   parameters of a simulated body inside the brain are
>   transcended, and thus the evidence of a spirit body
>   disappears like a ghost.
>   CONCLUSION: In comprehending the nature of out-of-body
>   expereinces there's one thing we can know for sure: the
>   fact that all observed data have already entered the
>   skull of the observer leaves no room for doubt that the
>   world you perceive including your perceived body is a
>   simulation inside your brain of the real world outside
>   your brain. The real world is thus never directly
>   perceived. One explanation for out-of-body experiences
>   is that the observer, or consciousness, moves outside
>   the physical body via a spirit body. However, the physical
>   evidence indicates that the spirit-body theory rests on
>   the illusion that the observer's perceived body and
>   environment are the real thing rather than a model inside
>   the observer's brain, wherein, as a result of neurological
>   anomalies, an observer can transcend the limits of his
>   perceived body without actually transcending the limits
>   of his real physical body.
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