Theory of Hypnosis

George Bajszar gyuri at
Mon Sep 18 04:49:13 EST 2000

This epileptic short-circuitry that I described is a very important
consideration that applies when designing AI systems based on
Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) simulating our brain's neural
networks. If there is only one source of input, such short-circuitted
behaviour is unavoidable. ANN's run and evolve their neural networks
independently without outside control, so a method to detect such
activity must be designed carefully and the machine in that situation
must be shut off and reset.

Sleeping may very well have that very important feature to clean up all
activities that can lead to such neural failures. People who don't
sleep enough will develop hallucinations, the first signs of unstablly
developing neural networks that can lead to epileptic and other related

George Bajszar

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