Perceptual Structure

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>If perception requires copies, then how is it that we
>perceive the copies? Putting the world inside the
>head is no explanation of perception. 

  IAN: Well, we do perceive data inside our brain and I 
  suspect we can agree that that's what happens when you 
  are dreaming during sleep. Exactly how that happens is 
  a deeper issue than that which I've addressed in my 

  Furthermore, the fact that we may not now be able to 
  answer the question of how the brain perceives data 
  in it is not a counter argument to the proposition 
  that all perceived data is in the brain. I may not 
  know how my car converts gas into motion, but I can
  know that all the gas it converts is inside the car.
  Likewise, I may not know how my brain converts the 
  data that goes into it into the things I perceive, 
  but I can know that all the data I perceive has 
  already entered my brain and been proceed therein.

  The claim that we see anything outside of our brain 
  is automatically refuted by the physical fact that 
  you can't perceive a thing before data radiating 
  from it has reached and entered your brain. I
  believe that this is hardly a disputable matter.
  Given that all perceived data is inside the brain,
  it follows that all you perceive is in your brain,
  and is a representation of the unseen external world.
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