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sueli at gmx.li sueli at gmx.li
Mon Sep 18 15:06:48 EST 2000

Hi, you all...

I'm looking for helpful information on how to regain (cognitive) memory
of something only my body can remember yet.

I can produce a tone - sort of a scared-gettingaware of something awful
happening suddenly - and after I did that, my eyes and mouth start
twinkling (hope that is the right word for it, cause my English is far
from being perfect, sorry), and when I ly on the bottom then, I weakly
try to get away of something backwordly moving and I crie my heart out
and I am full of fear and there is that sentence "It hurts so much"...
although nothing really hurts me in that moment... I know, I remember
something this way, but I don't know what... if I get very close to the
feeling, I often get so scared that I dissociate (is that word
right???) and cannot get closer to it....

I've already heard of EMDR, but I'm afraid of getting overwhelmed with
the sudden remembering it can awake and I surely do not want to get
lunatic, just to find out, what hat happened that my body remembers,
but me not...

I've also read some books on the nature of Remembering ... they tell
me, it would be of no use to do hypnosis, because what I will discover
there, possible might not be the truth...

So, what shall I do... it has of course its effects on my normal life
and I'd be glad if there were a tool, with the help of which I could
stay save while rembembering....

Hope, you have any ideas on that please...

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