Perceptual Structure

Ian Goddard igoddard at
Mon Sep 18 20:07:02 EST 2000


On Tue, 19 Sep 2000, igoddard at (Ian Goddard) wrote:

>  IAN: If you could, that would be great! Thanks for the 
>  pointers! If I feel the grass touching my feet after the 
>  signals from that contact reach my brain, and I see my 
>  feet after photons reflecting off them have reached and 
>  been processed by my brain, how can I see my feet that 
>  are outside my brain? I can only see the end product 
>  of information from my feet reaching my eyes and brain. 
>  How can I perceive an external thing before signals and 
>  data from it have reached and been processed my brain? 
>  How can I directly perceive anything outside my brain?
>  It seems to me that an alternative model to the internal
>  perceptual model cannot even be hypothesized in a way 
>  that is compatible with known physical limitations.
>  Physical reality dictates that the location in space 
>  and time of an external event is different than the 
>  space-time location of the perception of that event,
>  so the perceived event is the same as the actual event.

That last line should read:

  "so the perceived event is NOT the same as the actual event."

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