Perceptual Structure

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The following abstract was found at the National Library of
Medicine PubMed website. It's statements about the structure
of perception appear to be more advanced in knowledge that I
can find in other abstracts on the "body in the brain" issue.
I plan to acquire the full paper this week at the NLM.

Studies In Health Technology And Informatics, 1998;50:196-201

The construction of tridimensional representation of body 
and external reality in man. The greatest achievement of 
evolution to date implications for virtual reality.

Woodbury MA Sr, Woodbury MF

Puerto Rico Institute of Psychiatry, Miramar.

Our 3-D Body Representation constructed during development 
by our Central Nervous System under the direction of our DNA,
consists of a holographic representation arising from sensory 
input in the cerebellum and projected extraneurally in the 
brain ventricular fluid which has the chemical structure of
liquid crystal. The structure of 3-D holographic Body 
Representation is then extrapolated by such cognitive 
instruments as boundarization, geometrization and gestalt
organization upon the external environment which is perceived
consequently as three dimensional. When the Body Representation
collapses as in psychotic panic states. patients become terrified  
as they suddenly lose the perception of themselves and the world
around them as three dimensional, solid in a reliably solid 
environment but feel suddenly that they are no longer a person 
but a disorganized blob. In our clinical practice we found
serendipitously that the structure of three dimensionality 
can be restored even without medication by techniques involving
stimulation of the body sensory system in the presence of a
benevolent psychotherapist. Implications for Virtual Reality 
will be discussed.

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