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> OMG, A hyper cross-posted thread with appropriate followups!
Please do not use "OMG" in a theology thread.
> /me dies of shock
The most shocking, most cheeky and outrageous post I ever made
was yesterday on the love-smitten Fri.22.Sep.2000 introducing
http://www.geocities.com/mentifex/standard.html "AI Standards".

Neuro-theologians please note at indicated URL the selection of
neuroscientific mind-models vying to be "The Standard Model."

Mr/Dr/Rev Jones, since you now seem to be a verb -- as commandeered
by the computer scientists who stole "keeping up with the Joneses" --
permit me to say that I am so busy jonesing with my AI competitors
that I have utterly refined the Mentifex Usenet posting techniques,
and I apologize to all and sundry whom I have scandalized heretofore.

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