Maximum brain activity on evening : why ?

Richard L. Hall rhall at
Sun Sep 24 14:20:14 EST 2000

It is possible to shift the time of maximal intellectual acuity by 
allowing individual to "free run" in the absence of external 
synchronizing cues.  These are biorhythm experiments.  But when cues 
are provided, individuals rapidly return to their "normal" patterns.

There are many possible explanations ranging from endocrine functions 
to levels of neuromodulators within the brain.  You might search 
literature on human biorhythms, central excitatory state, 
mesencephalic reticular activating system, pineal function.


>I want to know why brain only starts working properly from 5-6 PM to
>Midnight for some people, and why their attention level is very low all the
>day before.
>Has anybody an explanation ? What's published on the topics ?

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