mulfico motor neuropathy

lorraine menary lmenary at
Mon Sep 25 20:41:33 EST 2000

Dear doctors:  I have been searching the internet regarding multifocal
motor neuropathy.  My 37 year old niece was diagnosed one year ago with
this disorder.  The testing was done on a machine and the doctor
informed her she has lost 20% of her muscle.  He talked about using a
blood protein product.  How can they diagnose this disorder without
doing an EEG, spinal tap?   Is there any other form of
medicine/treatment regimen available?  How much does John Hopkins know
about this disorder.  Would you be so kind as to let me know as soon as
possible.  If there is any fee involved, feel free to let us know.

Mrs. L. Menary
4 Sutherland Dr, R27
Toronto M4g 1G8, Ontario. Canada   or e-mail me at lmenary at
or 'phone and reverse the charges 416-429-6293.  Thanks kindly..


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