Music and IQ

Big_Don big-don at
Mon Sep 25 21:45:37 EST 2000

Robert Calvert wrote:

> I sometimes wonder if there's a correlation between IQ score and
> preferences for certain kinds of music. As politically incorrect as it
> may sound, I strongly suspect that this is the case.

 Perhaps not.  See Big Don's post on "Why DAFNz Boogie":

 Hot new research has discovered that monkeys have the
 same ability to recognize musical melodies as DAFNz
 and civilized humans.  It's described in Science News,
 Vol 158, Sept 16, 2000, "Monkeys Tune in to Melodies."

 This may explain why DAFNz are able to compete in the
 professional world of music, but tend to flunk the course
 at higher-order intellectual pursuits such as math, physics,
 and engineering.....

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