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> and matrices, and Boulez took it to extremes with his Structures, where
> EVERY aspect of the piece(s) were determined with matrices.

The harmonic series is very straightforward.  I didn't know about the
matrices (but they teach those at high school thes days too <g>.)

>  Bach's Die Kunst Der Fugue is a perfect example
> of this..."how many ways can I cram this same tune (set of notes) into
> piece?"  Bach stretched it out into 19 different fugues and a couple

Ah permuttins and combinations - sounds more like "Die Wissenschaft der
Fugue" :-)

> Bottom line for this discussion, and the point I was trying to make, is
> music crosses the line between logical thought and creative thought.
> who do this successfully ARE more intelligent.

I'll certainly agree with you that it takes a special kind of intellect to
compose successfully.  :-)

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