The Definitive Answer

Cathy Gross csg128 at
Fri Sep 29 13:06:26 EST 2000

Intelligence is simply a measure of one's ability to comprehend and learn.
The fact that a skilled musician has above average intelligence is not
surprising.  Besides the studies that have been done on the correllation
between right/left brained people...etc., there are many logical reasons
that many people enjoy both music and science...

-Comprehending music begins much earlier in life due to amount of exposure
and the ease at which music may be 'enjoyed' at various levels.  As children
grow they begin to comprehend and understand everything in their world at a
deeper level...

-The order in which the interests occur depends on the order of exposure.
Even if an intelligent child is exposed to music at a young age, they most
often will be directed toward science, do well, and because 'music is no way
to make a living', society (& parents) will pressure them into a scientific

-Music is primarily an affective tool - it's used to communicate thoughts
and feelings and to inspire those feelings in others.  There are very few
people (or animals)  that aren't *Affected* by music in some way.

-The scientists who spends his life focusing only on his science is most
often out of touch with the rest of the world.  Scientists who are
well-rounded and social tend to have an interest in music because they can
understand it in so many different ways.

-Because music is rarely 'stressful', people who have the ability to
understand science find it relaxing and entertaining to use that ability to
understand music-something that is pleasant and inspirational.

-For scientists who truly love both, it's usually a matter of making a life
out of music, not making a living out of it!


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