Music and IQ

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:>19 works.
I would guess that
:nature simply chose the lowest number for which the mathematics
:of hitting close to 3/2 and 4/3 happen to work.

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Gruessdi H-G !

3/2 and 4/3 work for vibrating strings and pipes.

Not with a bell or gong.

There is a broadly held view that consonant intervals vary with timbre.
William Sethares has published a theoretical description/explanation of
the phenomenon. He suggests ways to propose principal musical scale
steps for any given timbre, by minimizing "dissonance".

As I notice that this post (which I read on is also
sent to the bionet.neuroscience newsgroup, I take the opportunity to ask
neuroscientists if they have an opinion regarding that particular line
of consonance theory. I understand that some people dismiss it as
"post-Helmoltzian and wrong". Personally I accept Sethares' views
because I have not seen anything better.

Cordial regards

Dominique Larré

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