Music and IQ, let's try again

Samuel Vriezen sqv at
Sat Sep 30 19:36:37 EST 2000

I find it interesting to see that a discussion of music and IQ can
turn into a discussion about tuning. Surely the 'mathematical' aspect
of musical intelligence isn't merely a question of acoustic law? Isn't
that confusing (practical) musical intelligence with theory? Aren't we
now discussing 'music theory and IQ'?

I mean, of course you need a certain amount of mathematical
intelligence to do the theory of tuning right. But what about
understanding phrasing? I think it would be more interesting to ponder
the possible relationships between understanding phrasing, form,
rubato, etc and mathematical thought. I think it is in that area that
the possibility to understand patterning comes in.


A prelude by Johann Sebastian Bach performed by the guitarist, Lord Baden Powell

- Chr. J. van Geel

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