cortical malformation question

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Mon Apr 2 03:33:00 EST 2001

you need to qualify your question with more information: what strain of
in-bred mice for a start (some are created with the express purpose of
cortical defects, for instance by knocking out receptorson radial glial
fibres etc etc; what generation of the in-bred strain do you want to look at
also what cells do you want to look at - radial glial fibres or the neurons
themselves - there is a good review of some related topics in Annual Reviews
in Neuroscience (2001) 24: 87-105 and also in Trends in Neurosciences (2000)
23(8): 352-9  the references within these articles should get you started
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> Hello all--
> I was wondering if anyone knew of any papers discussing the rate at which
> in bred mice develop cortical malformations or have cell migration
> problems.  A medline search has not been useful, although we may have been
> using the wrong search terms.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!
> Thank you,
> Angie
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