graphics/microcontroller software guy ISO med. research company

>mag< rasmas at
Tue Apr 3 05:56:43 EST 2001

Sorry for this rather unorthodox posting, but I love neuroscience
and wondered if anyone here might know of any neuroscience
related companies who might be in need of a well-experienced
software developer.  I've done work ranging from complex
architectures for graphics systems, OpenGL visualizations,
embedded systems designs, data tracking & display systems,
video games...  you name it, I've probably touched it somewhere
or another.  Again I realize this perhaps isn't the best way to
go about finding such a company, but I presume that only
those of true interest in neuroscience would visit such a group
and hope this posting does not inconvenience other members
of this group.

I greatly appreciate any feedback.

Kind regards,

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