getting past emergentism

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Sat Apr 7 10:16:27 EST 2001

"Xander Marion" <xandermarion at> wrote on Sat, 07 Apr 2001:

> I'm banging my head against the wall trying to figure out
> how to get past the theory that conciousness is an emergent
> property of the brain. Anyone have any thoughts on how this
> might be better understood while still focusing on a
> neuroscience perspective?
> Xan
> [...]

The consciousness is IMHO an epiphenomenon that arises not from
any individual synaptic firing in the brain-mind, but rather
from the recursive activity of the focus of attention.

The neural net gradually recognizes self as an entity.
Wherever the self directs or shines its searchlight of attention,
it finds data streaming inwards, and thus an illusion of
consciousness emerges from the voluntary process of attention.
The _illusion_ of consciousness is enough to _be_ consciousness. The Artificial Mind
in JavaScript for Internet Explorer has no special module for Consciousness.

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