getting past emergentism

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Mon Apr 9 22:23:34 EST 2001

On 09 Apr 2001 20:09:58 -0600, Charles R Martin <crmartin at>

>The incredible Sulk <Pouting at Sulk.nospam> writes:

>> 'The brain' is made up of letters.'the brain' is an idea about something
>> someone sawwhen a head gpot split open, with an idea that inside heads
>> is where words are heard, where images are formed, both from the eyes,
>> and from things the eyes have seen.. the brain only exists as another
>> abstraction in consciousness.
>> Does anything exist if we are not ever aware of it? Not directly or
>> indirectly? Its a meaningless question.
>I'm sorry, alt.solipcism and rec.arts.berkeleyan-idealism are down the
>hall, on the left.  There's a nice lad.

No, I think he's looking for rec.drugs.illegal.

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