Is flashing light/photic stimulation with sonic stim. to change brain waves a legit therapy???

anxiety man saouglubsjb at
Fri Apr 13 01:32:47 EST 2001


I hope I described this therapy correctly and I hope someone can answer
my question.....

I opted to see a practitioner of holistic medicine for my anxiety
problems.... He is a family friend and someone my father trusts so I
decided to try it out.

What he does is:

a) puts glasses on me that flash at certain intervals (believe this is
called "photic stimulation")

b) I wear headphones and listen to sounds that are supposed to affect my

c) he acts as a hypnotherapist while this is going on

Is this treatment effective???

Is it safe????

I have a rather intense case of anxiety in which I manifest physical
symptoms, if you wanted to know.

The idea of this was to make me able to control my brainwaves or
something like that, so as to be able to be calm and anxiety free.

I was concerned that #1 - this is "quackery" and doesn't work or #2 - i
could damage myself by looking at the flashing lights (altho my eyes are

Anyone know if this therapy is legit????

Please email me if you can answer.

thank you,

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