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Sat Apr 14 16:17:00 EST 2001

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> Ok so I know that this is not the right group to ask this question but
> tried research groups and they are all full of spam and nonsence. can
> help me with a problem that I have doing a research critique (I am a
> struggling undergraduate)
> In a quantitative piece of research where a questionnaire is used (handed
> out then collected) the subjects were given just 15 mintes to complete a
> complex questionnaire. This is a threat to validity - would ths be:
> internal, external, construct validity...which one?
> thanks for any help.
> glenn
You would do better asking in a psychology or social sciences news group.
Experimental (or even clinical) neurobiology usually doesn't deal with
questionnaire methodology.

However a search of for "construct internal external
validity" resulted in 45,300 hits.  The first 10 listed included a number
of sites which clearly differentiated between the three concepts.  Whether
they answer your particular question, though, is something I did not

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