Russians create artificial human brain

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> Hi,
> Does anyone have any more information on this?
Uh-oh, I was afraid of something like this event, because of (q.v.).
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> Russia hails breakthrough in building artificial brain
> MOSCOW, April 15 (AFP) -
> Russian scientists claimed Sunday to have developed the first
> artificial brain, a "neuro-computer" with the same intellectual
> potential as its human counterpart, Interfax reported.
> The new Russian computer is based on the brain cell, or neuron,
> and outstrips previous brain models by using state-of-the-art
> findings in neurophysiology and neuromorphology to produce a
> truly thinking machine, scientist Vitaly Valtsev said.
> But he warned of the potential hazards of the scientific
> breakthrough, saying the brand new brain could turn into
> a Frankenstein's monster if it was mistreated.
We may ratify and respect "A Cyborg Bill of Rights" (cf. e.g.).
>"This machine needs to be trained like a newborn child.
> It's extremely important for us to make it a friend,
> not a criminal or an enemy," Valtsev said.
> Valtsev, a member of the International Academy of Information
> Science, told Interfax that Russian scientists succeeded where
> others had failed because they used a model of the neuron of
> the brain in building the computer.
> Earlier attempts to create an artificial intelligence had failed
> because scientists had tried to create a smart machine using a
> model of the neuron of the spinal cord developed back in the 1940s.
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-- "Standards in Artificial Intelligence"

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