Russians create artificial human brain

Ronald C. Blue rblue at
Mon Apr 16 14:41:03 EST 2001

"People who still pursue AI from the point of view emulating biological
processes are so far behind the curve as to be in another galaxy.  Why would
you want to create an "artificial brain"  whose components were 90% water
and had to be assembled by unskilled labor?"

What the brain does can be model correctly by using a Correlational
Oppositional Ratio Enhanced processor which stores quantized information in
a charge coupling devices while using wavelets of informational input and
reciprocal wavelets for output.  The information is local at certain times
but globally distribrituted most of the time.  It is a fuzzy logic
probability circuit that is self programming.  It does not have a
traditional addressable memory but can demonstrate that it has knowledge
through its behavior.
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