Russians create artificial human brain

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> >> These puns are fun, but this still must be regarded as a hoax
> >> proof of publication is offered.
> >I don't think I'll wait that long.
> >Not only doesn't Valtsev come up on google, but neither does "The
> >International Academy of Information Science." The first *could* be
> >spelling error mis-match. Not so for the second term.
> While I agree that this smells of hoax or exaggeration, it would be
> mistake to assume that all serious research is done by institutions
> web sites.  That's not true even in the United States, much less the

I grant the technical correctness of your claim, but with two major
1. The first major users of the internet, right after the initial
darpanet military users,
were the scientific community, and in post-soviet Russia, Russian
scientific websites
have exploded in number. Though it is possible that sites might be
named only in Russian,
this is most unlikely as the international *lingua franca* of science
is English.
This is especially all the more so, as:
2. The name: "International Academy of Information Science" can hardly
be though to be provincial
in its intent, and certainly is strongly suggestive of an organization
that would NOT avoid contemporary
means of information propagation.

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