Russians create artificial human brain

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Tue Apr 17 23:06:57 EST 2001

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> > Jonathan Allan wrote:
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> > > satchi wrote:
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> > You sliced me! I've been snipped, clipped, and other things, but
> > never sliced.  Are you a Pathologist by any chance?
> Be careful, satchi !
> After sliced comes diced.  OMG!   :-o

Oh, God, maybe he's a Ginsu Salesman!
They don't need to get a foot in the door
they just cut right through it.
> Mayo clinic is in Minnesota.

"One Spage Yee...hold the neurons!"

> Minnesota is next to Michigan.

"One frozen swedish meatball...sink em!"

> J. Allen *might* be a pathologist.
> Kevorkian was a pathologist from Michigan.
> Pathologists from that neck of the woods ?
> Might be dangerous-- we know where Kevorkian is-- not J. Allen.
> I'll try and keep an eye on this Jonathan-- okay?


> He may be a pathologist, but we've got more than a microtome up
> at the lab.

(See the Ginsu guy, imagine no more sharpening!)

 We do neurophysiological studies there-- NISM?
Yeah, and I'll bet you listen to REM while you're doing it.

> (Good you've got Macky!!)

Leave his cortex out of this, he can't help his knee jerk reactions!

> (The TTX darts and airgun are going Fedex to you now)

But I don't want tetratodoxin, I want that stuff you can't 
easily trace: succinylcholine chloride!


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