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 "World's leading On-Line Steel Manufacturing/ Distribution Center has 
  opened the doors to customers and placed the buyers in firm control....."
  Avoid Contractor and Dealer mark-up using the traditional purchasing
  methods. We are now offering Factory Direct  Pricing on
  Pre-Engineered Steel Building Systems World Wide.

  These systems are designed for Commercial applications including ,
  Office Buildings, Churches, Storage, Manufacturing, Athletic Facilities,
  etc. We have an exemplary record of leading the Steel
  Systems Industry with unmatched service and design technology.

************* New Do-It-Yourself  Solid Steel Garage  Systems: *************

 * Pre-Cut and Drilled Steel System with Custom Colors for Roof and Walls.
 * Beginners can Install in 2-3 days complete

 1 Car 12'x24x8' = $3,160 Delivered
 2 Car 20'x24'x8' = $3,740 Delivered

 1 Car + Shop Area 16'x24x8' = $3,410 Delivered
 2 Car + Shop Area 24'x24x8' = $4,145 Delivered

 Price Includes Delivery in Contintental U.S./ Steel Frames, Fastening 
 Screws, eave, rake, corner trim, ridge cap, sill angle. Building is sheeted 
 solid with no openings. Allow 15 working days from date of order to ship 

 Over head Doors/ Service Doors and Windows are available as options.

 Freight is included in most purchases to increase volume and sustain 
 consistent growth.

 Commercial Systems
 Recent Example Pricing:
 40x50x12         =  $9,762.00
 60x125x14       =  $23,425.00
 100x200x18     =  $74,896.00

 VISIT FOR MORE INFORMATION:  http://1097604228eew850ic.cc/5041es/521s.htm

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