Russians create artificial human brain

Jonathan Allan allan.jonathan.6809 at
Wed Apr 18 07:00:31 EST 2001

satchi wrote:
> Jonathan Allan wrote:
> >
> > satchi wrote:
> > [slice]
> You sliced me! I've been snipped, clipped, and other things, but
> never sliced.  Are you a Pathologist by any chance?
No, just a semi-professional meeting attender.  I program in my 
spare work minutes (they're getting fewer and fewer  >-(*&^%$#@!).

I can say, though, that I'm eyeballs deep in a project for an
anesthesiologist (and a couple researchers doing genomics, and
a couple other projects, but hey, that's what Development
Engineering does...)  Can you say "embedded"?  Thought so.

Jonathan Allan

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