Russians create artificial human brain

John H johnhkm at somewhere.overthere
Wed Apr 18 07:30:09 EST 2001

What I don't understand is why they are claiming to have created an
artificial brain ALL AT ONCE. Surely before that becomes possible there
would be a whole long line of publications relating to the development of
their work. Moreover, the Frankenstein bit doesn't make a great deal of
sense because why would even bother creating an intelligence with a self?
Wouldn't the first step be to make sure it can think properly before going
that far? Anyway, we still don't even really know what selves are.

Someone, a very vague someone, says an entire brand new brain has been
created? from nothing to an entire brain? Sounds like Fleishmann and Pons to

Don't national patents have to precede international patents? But what would
be the worry, if they have created it put up for show, why make a news
release without showing it in action. After all, its an entire self, you
could have speak\communicate through something without giving anything away.

Maybe they're still pissed about Mir ...


Victorya Roberts <dy565 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA> wrote in message
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> "David Ehrens" (nospam at writes:
> > ...
> >> > But he warned of the potential hazards of the scientific
> >> > breakthrough, saying the brand new brain could turn into
> >> > a Frankenstein's monster if it was mistreated.
> >                                    ^^^
> > Hoax alert!
> > Most journalists would have used the subjunctive, "were".
> Depends which country you're in :)
> (de-lurks the media chick in the corner)
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