does the fronto-parieto-temporal network include the premotor cortex?

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Sat Apr 21 02:55:50 EST 2001

does the fronto-parieto-temporal network, as in "Gitelman et al. (1999 )
stated, "The frontal eye field has a relative specialization for the overt
motor-exploratory aspect of spatial attention, the posterior parietal cortex
for the sensory representational and sensorimotor aspect, and the cingulate
gyrus (the cingulate gyrus contains most of the afferent (input) fibres to
the hippocampus) for the limbic-motivational aspect." This has been
supported by other studies (Vallar et al., 1999 , Corbetta et al., 1998 )."
include the premotor cortex?

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