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Sat Apr 28 00:27:50 EST 2001

Zifrosilone (MDL-73745),
2,2,2-trifluoro-1-(3-trimethylsilylphenyl)ethanone -- yes, that one was a
quite remarkable AChE inhibitor, simple and yet unconventional in structure.
It had been in Phase II and while HMR's last status was "suspended," the
Aventis drug briefings give no more hints so I believe they have killed it,
like so many other CNS candidates. Aventis' focus has gone elsewhere.

Greetings, HM

"William Bains" <william at bains.u-net.com> wrote in message
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> A few years ago there was a drug called Zifrosilone being developed by
> Hoechst Marrion Roussel (which is now Aventis) for Alzheimer's
> Disease. Does anyone know what happened to it? It is referred to as
> 'likely to be launched in the UK in 1999' ina  review in 1990, but
> never was.
> Any clues welcome. Thanks!
> William

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