I don't agree with cloning

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> I don't fully agree with cloning of animals or humans for that matter. I
> think that it is completely going against what God wants us to do here on earth.

Does God speak personally to you? Should others act on the basis of words that were written by
humans claiming to have heard voices?

 If he wanted us to be able to clone He would have given us the
> knowledge to do it right and not mess it up like many times what
> happens.

So, the first time man rubbed two sticks together he did it correctly, and made fire?
You are willing to live without heat in your house?
How about shoes? Does man have a shoe-making gene?

 I feel that cloning is a sin that God is very upset about

So you do dare to presume what God knows and wants? My my.

> we as Christians shouldn't encourage it just because it might help us in
> the sciences a little more. That isn't what life is all about being
> better in the sciences it is about glorifying God in all that we do. 

"Glorifying God" apparently includes hindering the discoveries of others,
according to you. Since you're typing on a computer, you OBVIOUSLY
are not avoidant of technological benefits. Somehow you, Stephanie, think
yourself not a total hypocrite. Perhaps if a child or close kin
of yours is inflicted with illness, you will deny thwm medicine-- or is it okay
to do that, according to the God you dare to speak for?

Max (not full name-- I work in a lab.)
 We put electrodes in brains. One day
folks with eyes that are blind will actually see. I hope that it's okay for
the God you claim to speak for that this happens, or perhaps God wishes those
who've lost eyes to stay blind. I could care less, but I'm mindful that "unbelievers"
have even suffered the thermogenic sanctions, and physicians have been murdered
by hoodlums claiming advocacy for fetuses. People who speak as you do are often
dangerous creeps. Perhaps you are merely delusional-- how is it that YOU think
you've the knowledge of what God thinks? Ever hear of hubris?

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