I don't agree with cloning

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Holly Van Beek <hllyvnbk at dordt.edu> wrote in message news:3AE9BFA3.2D74BFDE at dordt.edu...
> I also do not agree with cloning.  I don't think that God wants us to
> develop a new kind of life that has no problems.  He created things the
> way they are.  Cloning is also very experimental.  If everything is
> eventually cloned, I think that we will all end up being basically the
> same.

Hmm. Okay. Another one who claims to know what God wants. I suppose that if
God had wanted humans not to discover, he wouldn't have given them such marvelous brains.
Your knowledge of biological variation within species is absent-- in fact it's highly improbable
that you even know what "species" means as a concept. (BTW, there are currently over 20
distinct definitions as to what the word means, so don't despair over any confusion, please)
However, without a clue as to what scientists really do, you presume to say what they should not
do, and cite God's wishes in support.
Very interesting.  Not.

> Stephanie Greydanus wrote:
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> > HI
> > I don't fully agree with cloning of animals or humans for that matter. I
> > think that it is completely going against what God wants us to do here
> > on earth. If he wanted us to be able to clone He would have given us the
> > knowledge to do it right and not mess it up like many times what
> > happens. I feel that cloning is a sin that God is very upset about and
> > we as Christians shouldn't encourage it just because it might help us in
> > the sciences a little more. That isn't what life is all about being
> > better in the sciences it is about glorifying God in all that we do.
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