I don't agree with cloning

Richard Norman rsnorman at mediaone.net
Sat Apr 28 11:00:44 EST 2001

There is an enormous problem with what you say.  The fact is that
cloning occurs in the natural world all the time.  All asexual reproduction
is nothing more than cloning.  So when single celled organisms
reproduce by fission, they clone themselves.  When you grow a
new plant from a cutting, you are producing a clone.  Whenever
identical twins (triplets, whatever) are born, you see an instance
of natural cloning. An incredible number of microbes, fungi, plants,
and animals all use cloning (asexual reproduction) as a natural
method of reproduction.  Many organisms, including animals, use
cloning as the only method of reproduction.  Is all this against
God's will?  Are identical twins somehow immoral or unnatural?

I agree that cloning an adult human by nuclear transplantation
is an unwise, unethical, immoral procedure for a lot of reasons.
But the concept of cloning in and of itself is certainly not evil
or immoral.  And cloning is an essential part of tissue culture,
a major part of modern biological and medical research.  Are
you to ban that, too?

"Holly Van Beek" <hllyvnbk at dordt.edu> wrote in message
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> I also do not agree with cloning.  I don't think that God wants us to
> develop a new kind of life that has no problems.  He created things the
> way they are.  Cloning is also very experimental.  If everything is
> eventually cloned, I think that we will all end up being basically the
> same.
> Stephanie Greydanus wrote:
> >
> > HI
> > I don't fully agree with cloning of animals or humans for that matter. I
> > think that it is completely going against what God wants us to do here
> > on earth. If he wanted us to be able to clone He would have given us the
> > knowledge to do it right and not mess it up like many times what
> > happens. I feel that cloning is a sin that God is very upset about and
> > we as Christians shouldn't encourage it just because it might help us in
> > the sciences a little more. That isn't what life is all about being
> > better in the sciences it is about glorifying God in all that we do.
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