I don't agree with cloning

Joris Nauwelaers, MD Jo.Nala at village.uunet.be
Sat Apr 28 20:26:07 EST 2001

God won't be upset, it is me : I am upset ! Jesus Christ! you're crazy!
As a physician, I always suspect schizoid trends at least, and more often
plain schizophrenia, when meeting patients or people that are obsessed by
religion, and who are caring for God's wellbeing...
But, I care more for human affairs, and I take notice of the still ongoing
tradition in this newsgroup, that there is more psychiatric behaviour to be
found in this NG than there is neuroscience... "For heaven's sake" I suggest
to acquire a minimal basic scientific knowledge, before discussing complex
subjects that need much more scholarship anyway, than what is displayed of
by what Nietzsche called "Bildungsfilisters" : Why not join a theology or
divine chatgroup to please your kind of  "disappointed God" ?
Please, said (?) Christ : Forgive them, they don't know what they're talking
about... certainly not about neuroscience!!! God won't like it, and  God
will be upset ...!!!  Damn your childish twaddle; I beseech you in the
bowels of Christ, think it possible that you might be crazy !
This NewsGroup messages reminds me of  D. Walcott's remark, when scouring
the rain forests : " There's too much nothing in here.."

Hoping the neurons of  several people in this NG will be cloned
intracranially, so as to be more able to start thinking, - REAL  thinking ,
of course.
I'm sure your upset-God would much more "like" to "see" you use the brain he
"gave" you, - it might be quite possible that he doesn't "like" brains that
are spoiled. But I'm  not at all familiar whit the Old Chap's preferences.
I'm only a human being, mostly busy with trying to correct His mistakes, -
and I do not like His "divine mistakes", nor plain nonsens as produced by
God-fearing creatures who are underusing or even not using their brains -
and abusing this Newsgroup, most of the time !
If God would start to do his job as he has to, he will surely "like" this
message of mine - but till now he was bad at his job - he'll better resign.
Or be fired. Allelujah !  Vae mihi qui cogitare ausus sum : et quo timemus
stultitiam strenuam ignorantium !
I advise you to see a psychiatrist, and have your head examined. I hope
you'll recover quickly of your divine upset.
PS.:  Remember me to God, and give him my kind regards, will you?

        Joris Nauwelaers, MD - Belgium.

Stephanie Greydanus <stphngry at dordt.edu> wrote in :
3AE9BB1E.7670D96E at dordt.edu...
> HI
> I don't fully agree with cloning of animals or humans for that matter. I
> think that it is completely going against what God wants us to do here
> on earth. If he wanted us to be able to clone He would have given us the
> knowledge to do it right and not mess it up like many times what
> happens. I feel that cloning is a sin that God is very upset about and
> we as Christians shouldn't encourage it just because it might help us in
> the sciences a little more. That isn't what life is all about being
> better in the sciences it is about glorifying God in all that we do.
> Stephanie Greydanus
> --
> <fullname> (<accountname>@dordt.edu)

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