I don't agree with cloning

Brian zhil at online.no
Sat Apr 28 22:01:57 EST 2001

While I am not a MD, I would like to respond to your message.
Simply, 'if' god exist - he would NOT be human in any way, so
stop thinking of him as a punisher or benefactor.
Second, any technology is capable of producing disastrous results; but
the worst kind of result are ignorance - to not know why something didn't
work out as you thought is should.
Cloning is per se not a problem, but how to USE it, that _could_ present
interesting dilemas.
>From what I've read, the various clones are dependent on what kind of cell
the DNA have been taken from.
IE a fast-aging cell would 'give' a reduced DNA-string (clipped on both ends
I believe), while eternal life could be gained through 'reprogramming' the
DNA to
replace the deleted DNA or reduce the loss through other programming
Think of it as the human 'software'.
Last, I think you should present your ranting and raving on another
NG's........not here.

"Stephanie Greydanus" <stphngry at dordt.edu> skrev i melding
news:3AE9BB1E.7670D96E at dordt.edu...
> HI
> I don't fully agree with cloning of animals or humans for that matter. I
> think that it is completely going against what God wants us to do here
> on earth. If he wanted us to be able to clone He would have given us the
> knowledge to do it right and not mess it up like many times what
> happens. I feel that cloning is a sin that God is very upset about and
> we as Christians shouldn't encourage it just because it might help us in
> the sciences a little more. That isn't what life is all about being
> better in the sciences it is about glorifying God in all that we do.
> Stephanie Greydanus
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> <fullname> (<accountname>@dordt.edu)

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