Russians create artificial human brain

Arthur T. Murray uj797 at
Sun Apr 29 13:28:19 EST 2001

"Randy J. Solo" <randysolo at> writes on Sun, 29 Apr 2001:
>I agree. This sounds like bullshit to me.
Whether the story is fact or hoax or science fiction,
the truth will eventually come out, even more speedily
if any attempts are made to cover up the truth.

"Satyan eva jayate" -- said Mohandas Gandhi --
"Truth alone prevails."

>"David Ehrens" <nospam at> wrote in message
> news:PqCC6.18703$%_1.4304471 at
>> ...
>> > > But he warned of the potential hazards of the scientific
>> > > breakthrough, saying the brand new brain could turn into
>> > > a Frankenstein's monster if it was mistreated.
>>                                    ^^^
>> Hoax alert!
>> Most journalists would have used the subjunctive, "were".

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