maxwell mmmaxwell at
Sun Apr 29 15:59:09 EST 2001

Theophilus Samuels <theophilus.samuels at> wrote in message news:9chgts$mpf$1 at
> Do not under any circumstance run the attachment associated with this post.
> I was very suspicious that this TOTALLY inappropriate message contained
> something malicious and a quick virus-scan revealed a hidden trojan virus.
> This person should be banned completely.
> T.L.S.

Banning does not protect the clueless user from opening unscanned attachments that arrive
from other addys/sreen names, however much the intention is merited.
Remember also, that infections can arrive from trusted sources, unknowingly, and even the 
best buttoned-up system *can* be gotten to, at times.
If you're not backed-up, you'll regret it, whether it's the HD or a 'critter' that brings your system down.
Best to do your i-net work on a 'dispisable,' truth to tell.
Opening _anything_ without scanning with an AV having fully-updated signatures is jst rolling the dice.
Sooner or later, they _will_ come up craps.
Of course, since there's now been self-opening exploits sent 'round in html mail, even scanning won't
necessarily suffice.


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