Auditory hallucinations, physiological/anatomical deviances

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Mon Apr 30 08:28:51 EST 2001

Orbs <funk_brotherhood at> wrote:
>     I was hoping somebody could supply me with the location of some journal
> articles on this subject (auditory hallucinations). Doesn't matter what it

Any specific hallucination? There's a myriad of papers on schizophrenia, and
the more recent ones are pointing to chemical imbalances, pockets of neurons
that haven't migrated fully from the cortical plate during brain development
and are in the middle of the white matter. The second chapter in "the man
who mistook his wife for a hat talks of a person getting a stroke and
thereafter hearing music. You can have subjective tinnitus, say from too
much aspirin. An article reports a lesion in the substantia nigra of a woman
who then heard tones of different frequencies depending on where she was

Be more specific!


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