Auditory hallucinations, physiological/anatomical deviances

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Mon Apr 30 21:39:28 EST 2001

> Any specific hallucination? There's a myriad of papers on schizophrenia,
> the more recent ones are pointing to chemical imbalances, pockets of
> that haven't migrated fully from the cortical plate during brain
> and are in the middle of the white matter. The second chapter in "the man
> who mistook his wife for a hat talks of a person getting a stroke and
> thereafter hearing music. You can have subjective tinnitus, say from too
> much aspirin. An article reports a lesion in the substantia nigra of a
> who then heard tones of different frequencies depending on where she was
> fixating.
> Be more specific!
> Didier

I don't really need specific ones, all the above examples would all be good.
The last one about about the woman hearing different frequencies sounds
interesting and probably more in the direction intended. Maybe to narrow it
down better, supplying the more interesting and extreme examples? Other than
specificity isn't necessary at this stage.

If this helps in narrowing down I have these ones already:

Bremer J. (1996) New-onset auditory hallucinations after right temporal
lobectomy. American Journal of Psychiatry 153:3 442-443.

Busatto G.F., David A.S., Costa D.C., Ell P.J., Pilowsky L.S., Lucey J.V.,
Kerwin R.W. (1995) Schizophrenic auditory hallucinations are associated with
increased regional cerebral blood flow during verbal memory activation in a
study using single photon emission computed tomography. Psychiatry Research:
Neuroimaging 61, 255-264.

Cullberg J., Nyback H. (1992) Persistent auditory hallucinations correlate
with the size of the third ventricle in schizophrenic patients. Acta
Psychiatr Scand 86, 469-472.

Frith, C.D. (1987) The positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia
reflect impairments in the perception and initiation of action.
Psychological Medicine 17, 631-648.

Levitan C., Ward P.B., Catts S.V. (1999) Superior temporal gyral volumes and
laterality correlates of auditory hallucinations in schizophrenia.
Biological Psychiatry 46, 955-962.

McGuire P.K., Silbersweig D.A., Wright I., Murray R.M., Frackowiak R.S.J.,
Frith C.D. (1996) The neural correlates of inner ear speech and auditory
verbal imagery in schizophrenia: relationships to auditory verbal
hallucinations. British Journal of Psychiatry 169, 148-159.

Thankyou very much

Love Orbs

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