biological neural networks

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Wed Aug 1 12:29:13 EST 2001

From: "Maximal" <JUANJOSE75 at>
> I have understood that artificial neural networks, used in computer
> simulations, are not a valid model for biological neural networks.
> The learning algorithm is not plausible in a biological network.
> In the other hand, I have read somewhere something like that there are
> biologically plausible artificial neural network models equivalent to
> artificial neural networks with backpropagation and gradient decay. In
> other words, it would mean that developing behavioral processes with
> artificial neural networks is equivalent to develop it with a
> biologically plausible model.
> Is it true?

Truth means that the currently reported honest observations suggest general
support for a particular interpretation.  Progress is usually dependent upon
the unreasonable man who has so rearanged the facts (honest observations)
that the results suggests that another answer is more likely.

Do artificial neural networks really model biological neural networks.  The
answer is no.  Do artificial neural networks suggest how biological neural
networks might work? The answer is yes.  Can insights into biological neural
networks be reduced to practice in a self programing machine?  The answer is
yes.   Has this been done?  The answer is yes.
Look at the robot called Ricci at .  Is this the final
answer? No, just the beginning of a new species, our children.  We wish them
well and hope they do not turn against us.  They will inherit the universe
and perhaps restart it some day.

Ron Blue
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