Suggestions for Researching Zwaadermaker Conjugates:

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Suggestions for Researching Zwaadermaker Conjugates:
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Zwaadermaker conjugates are chemical when presented individual can be
recognized by their smell.  When the conjugates are presented together they
cancel each other out or almost cancel each other out.  This process may be
interpret to support a wavelet model and a correlational opponent processing
model of how the brain processes information.

Below are listed some Zwaadermaker Conjugates.

beeswax and balsam of tolu
benzoin and rubber
bitter almond and musk
butyric acid and oil of juniper
camphor and eau de cologne
ethyl mercaptan and eucalaptol
ethyl mercaptan and caproic acid
ionone and ammonia
rubber and cedarwood
skatole and cedarwood
vanilla and chlorine

Research possibilities include the following:
1. Using benzoin, rubber, skatole, and cedarwood, habituate cedarwood then
observe its effect on the subjective reports of intensity for rubber,
skatole, and benzoin.  Correlational Opponent Processing suggest that rubber
and skatole will be stronger than the control group.  Benzoin would be
weaker than the control group.
2. Repeat the process with each of the chemicals.
3. Male and female pheromones may be Zwaadermaker Conjugates.


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