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> Hi to all,
> We have Biomedical Engineering and Molecular Biology & Genetics MS programs
> in my University. Which path would be the more appropriate to constitute a
> background for a PhD study in Neuroscience?
> And I would appreciate if you could recommend a web site that has the
> ranking and other information about the PhD programs in Neuroscience in USA
> and Canada.
> Thanks and best regards,
> cemtural


An undergraduate degree in engineering coupled with an MS in any of
the three you mentioned would be a great background for studying
You should not worry about which MS program is "best". Any program is
just fine, including humantities, psychology, whatever. Neuroscience
is so broad that there is plenty of room for all sorts of different

Much more important is to study something that you personally find
interesting, and to do well in your coursework and MS thesis.  If you
have an idea of what sort of neuroscience questions and approaches
appeal to you already, then choose whichever masters program overlaps
with that interest. If you simply have no idea yet, then choose
whichever program sounds most interesting to you right now.

When it comes to choosing a PhD program, I think the most important
thing is that you identify a program where there are (in order of
importance)  a) interesting and diverse research programs going on, b)
several faculty members who you think would be good to work with, and
c) where a reasonable fraction of the graduates have gone on to
"successful" careers (note: that does not necessarily mean
tenure-track positions at world famous universities).

I would recommend actually contacting previous graduates of each
program by email and asking them their opinion about the program.

Finally, I wouldn't even bother with looking at "rankings". These are
generally based on things that in my opinion are irrelevant to whether
-you- will have a productive (and much more importantly, enjoyable)



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