Visual perturbance while jogging

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Thu Aug 2 15:38:23 EST 2001

Hello Mr. Kim,

thank you very much for your kind answer and for your concern.

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> Hi Sir,
> I wonder if my advice could help.
> First of all, the duration of that images is how long?

It lasts for the duration of the physical effort, jogging or mountain
climbing, and disappears after 5 -15 minutes of rest.

> Second, do you have any kind of headache especially migraine?

I have very seldom (two or three times a year) migraine, and even more
seldom another visual symptom: a horizontal zig-zag line of fire which
begins small and becomes larger. I cannot see anything in the area of that
zig-zag line, it is blinking and flickering all the time. After covering the
entire visual field, it lasts some minutes before it gradually disappears.

> Third, is there any throuble when car-driving or sight-seeing, in other
> words, any problem in your visual field?

No other visual problem than those already reported.

> Fourth, is there any other neurological symptoms such as gait

No, there isn't.

> When stong light damper the retina, the rod cells fire excessively so the
> image that is produced by retinal cell can persist for seconds or minutes.
> But the images that persist is not produced by strong light, that
> is called "palinopsia" which is known as a symptom of CJD, recovering
> from cortical blindness, brain tumor, ischemia, trauma, arteriovenous
> malformation, multiple sclerosis, or cerebral vasculitis.

Oh my god! If I only have half of those I am definitely ruined!
> I recommend you to resort to neurologist in vicinity as soon as possible
> you think your problem is abnormal.

I already visited a neurologist but he seemed not to know the symptom, which
is why I am seeking help from the news group.

Thanks a lot.
Best regards

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