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If in fact you have true Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, then you have what is
more accurately known as Hereditary Motor-Sensory Neuropathy type I. It is a
genetic disease and there is no treatment. The film "Lorenzo's Oil" was
about a boy with a different genetic disease, a leukodystrophy. The notion
was that by giving the boy long-chain fatty acids that his nervous system
could not manufacture, the progression of his disease could be slowed. It
does not work for any condition. Sorry, but there is nothing you can do at

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> hi!
> im male, 18 and have cmt (charcot marie tooth). my parents and my sister
> dont have this desease, so they call it a new-mutation. i feel how my
> and feet slowly getting weaker.
> i once saw a film called lorenzos oil (Lorenzos Oel in german), its based
> a true story, they said. i dont know the name of lorenzos desease, but
> something was wrong with hes myelin. they could help him with some kind of
> oil.
> whats this oil doing with the myelin? (if the story is really true...)
> could this oil slower down the speed of my desease?
> so far for now. i hope someone here knows cmt :-)
> thanks!
> torch

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