Visual perturbance while jogging

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Wed Aug 8 09:12:06 EST 2001

On Wed, 8 Aug 2001 00:07:42 -0700, "Jayne Dough"
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>> when jogging, and especially when the weather is hot, I experience some
>> mysterious eye trouble. <<
>Uhthoff's Syndrome: At the turn of the last century, Wilhelm Uhthoff was a
>renowned clinical neuro-ophthalmologist and probably the first clinician
>whose entire career was devoted to this discipline. His achievements are
>among those that mark the commencement of contemporary neuro-ophthalmology.
>Uhthoff's symptom of visual loss with exercise is most frequently associated
>with optic neuritis. The symptom carries a major risk for recurrence of
>optic neuritis and development and possible diagnosis in many cases often
>leading to multiple sclerosis. A metabolic by product of exercise increases
>in body temperature or causes a reversible conduction block in demyelinated
>optic nerves and results in temporary loss of vision.

Yes, classically it happens during hot baths, but you don't seem to
have any other symptoms so I wouldn't say that it is due to MS. Also,
it is atypical since you don't lose vision but have persisting vision.
Very odd. Perhaps they could do an exercise visual evoked potential?

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