Localization of pitch in the brain?

Liar42 liar42 at aol.com
Sat Aug 11 07:08:25 EST 2001

>hat Broca's and Brodmann's areas have been implicated in musical

If with the first you mean the language structurer I regard it more relevant in
that function and more output relevant.

I am not sure where pitch is located, however I would assume that without
hearing one would not even get the sounds in to know what they are supposed to
sound like.

But I do not know where central sites are for generating for example "perfect"
pitch, as one sometimes hears about people.

Pitch in general is also steered by own I.

Very simplified I could decide to talk or hum with a high voice or use deeper

Also playing a musical instrument I make the chord decisions.

So at least part of the supervision I regard to have to do with own I, and also
a lot with listening, like say one tries to make up a second voice to what
someone is singing, then I'd need to hear what it is that the other is singing,
to then figure what might fit to that (trial and error ...  ;-).


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