anesthesia & Common Varialbe Immune Deficiency

Jake Trexel jtrexel at
Mon Aug 13 18:08:21 EST 2001

When ever I have under went surgery, I have had serious trouble with the
anesthesia.  It take for ever for it to work, and this makes the Dr.
give me even more and more..  I have found out it is due to my Common
Variable Immune Deficiency that I was born with in 49.  The Drs. never
seem to take this into consideration, and in turn they give me so much
that it take forever for me to come out of it.  The last time was really
bad in that my heart stopped.  I am going to under go spinal surgery
soon and would like to know what i.e. to tell the dr's or even better a
professional paper about this subject, if it exist.
Can any one please help me ??
thanks so much

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