A Theory of Sleep

yan king yin (no spam please) y.k.y at lycos.com
Mon Aug 20 12:04:48 EST 2001

"Brian" <zhil at online.no>:
> Hmm, that is longterm memory, but short-time memory goes through the
> selective attention system (Thalamus) and then through Hippocampus.
> I wonder if attention is directly connected to short-time memory, and that
> somehow stimulates myelination......
> But what perplexes me are those changes of levels in myelination you
> mentioned.
> Anyway, correct me if I'm mistaken - "Conversations vith Neils Brain" is
> quite good, but there are more to it I suspect.

I just read some of "Conversations with Neils Brain", the part about
thalamus and selective attention is interesting. I'd like to learn more
about the thalamus.

Im wondering, do you think the hippocampus really processes memory
engrams and transfer them around? I ask this because the main output
of the hippocampus neurons is via the fornix, and it looks rather thin.
The hippocampus have extensive input from cortex, so it might be able
to get the memories input. But its output (correct me if im wrong) is
mainly to the mammillary bodies and they are really small.

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