Richard Norman rsnorman at mediaone.net
Thu Aug 23 15:33:58 EST 2001

On 23 Aug 2001 19:48:15 GMT, joshcahoon at cs.com (JoshCahoon) wrote:

>I think that what it's called. I'm sure many of you are aware that right
>parietal damage can cause anosognosia and/or unilateral neglect. You may even
>know that cold water in the right ear can temporarily cure sufferers of these
>odd disorders. It could be that the vestibular stimulation is activating the
>impaired right hemisphere. I'm wondering whether this cold water therapy might
>be used in non-impaired people to enhance a specialized function of a
>particular hemisphere. Cold water in your right ear before a math test or to
>remember a name. Cold water in your left before an artistic endeavor or if
>you're lost whle driving. Whaddya think?
>Josh Cahoon

Does sitting on a rotating stool temporarily cure sufferers of these
disorders?  If so, then the  vestibular stimulation is involved. If
not, then probably a direct temperature effect to the brain nearest
the auditory canal is involved. And the vestibular activation is a
complex interaction of ipsilateral and contralateral pathways.

Besides, I believe that cold water in the ear induces, not only
nystagmus, but dizzyness and nausea!

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