help:persistent dizziness

emooky emooky at
Fri Aug 24 02:46:11 EST 2001

Hi Matteo
I'm Korean neurologist.

If you don't mind, could you answer me some questions?

First of all, the first attack (dizziness) is defined. What was your
symptoms? Was it spinning? Or your vision was darkened for a second? Did
other symptoms exist such as oscillopsia (sight is zigzaging), nausea,
vomiting, tinitus (persistent or temporary bug or frag singing), gait
disturbances, hearing problem and so on?

Second, your present symptoms resembe the first? And is there any other

Third, the physician that you've met said something such as nystagmus?

Dizziness is very non-specific symptoms and is used in various and
inhomogenous conditions. Please specify your symptoms and there will be a

Be good day. From Korea.

DH Kim

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